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# Overview

# Scrypta Manent App - Light Wallet with Blockchain Certification Technology


Make your files immutable with Scrypta Manent and always carry your LYRA with you!

Manent is the first official app of Scrypta, developed to interact with the blockchain in a simple, fast and safe way!

Manent is available in both versions web and mobile (IOS/Android).

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# What you can do with Manent:


Manage your LYRA coins with Manent thanks to its mobile wallet functions in an easy and fast way. You can send your LYRA coins simply by scanning a QR Code.
When you send LYRA through the app, everything is immediate and verifiable within the blockchain thanks to its distributed register.


With Manent, thanks to the time stamp, you can upload any type of file or document making it legal and evidentiary; respecting national and international standards, combining the simplicity of an app with the technological potential of the blockchain.


We thought to help authors of photographic works, poems or novels and digital texts, works of art and crafts, illustrators, graphic designers, designers and software developers, to protect their creations in an immediate, safe and very low cost way, against any form of plagiarism, counterfeiting or illegal spread.


Manent offers you several security tools. Your account has double protection thanks to your personal password and the SID file system. To guarantee maximum security, this authentication file will be saved locally on your smartphone and will allow you to access your account at any time and from any device.


Manent has thought of you too! If the Sid file and password are not enough, you can access or import your personal account through Paper Wallet, a QR code printable to be imported by scanning, or even through our Scrypta Card , a card with NFC technology, just like a common credit card.


With Manent you can recover your account in many ways, even if you lose your device or buy a new one! All you need to do is import your profile by uploading the .sid file, logging in via the Scrypta Card or scanning your Paper Wallet.

The data and files uploaded on the Scrypta blockchain are processed by the infrastructure and reach a very high level of redundancy and impermeability, such as to make them in all respects immutable and immune to alterations and falsifications.

You have our full support!

Do you need help? Send an email to: info@scryptachain.org Or visit Support page


  • You can use Manent on multiple devices.
  • A password protects all operations in the app.
  • The Sid file protects the use of your identity and prevents unwanted access.
  • Supports all the basic functionality of a cryptocurrency wallet.
  • Multiple accounts: Manage multiple Wallet accounts with one app.
  • Every single data or document uploaded with Manent will have a hash: a mathematical function that transforms the original data into a fingerprint ensuring its uniqueness.
  • Timestamp's Blockchain technology guarantees the certain upload date, giving an irrefutable time stamp.
  • Any uploaded file resides in a decentralized archive based on IPFS (Inter Planetary File System) and IdANode (Interconnected dApp Nodes).

# Guides & Tutorials

# Account creation

The process to create an account is simple: you only need to enter a password of your choice twice.

Now secure your account by backing up by following the instructions below). This step is essential and allows you to protect your digital signature and its wallet.

Manent is a decentralized app, it is therefore conceived to operate without any central server. In this way you are solely responsible for the password and its e-signature (digital signature).


If you lose your password, it will no longer be possible for anyone to recover it and your account will become forever inaccessible.

# Account Backup

  • Click on the Menu icon (upper left corner) > Backup
  • Choose the appropriate method: DOWNLOAD .SID FILE (.sid) - o - DOWNLOAD PAPER WALLET (.pdf) ** These files will be stored on the device, in the selected folder.

After downloading the .sid file, it is advisable to save it in a safe place such as a USB stick, and remove the file from the device.

After downloading the .pdf PAPER WALLET file, it is suggested to print it and put the print in a safe place. Next, remove the .pdf file from your device.


The PAPER WALLET exposes your private key in the form of a QR code. This is your electronic signature and represents your digital identity and you want nobody else to use it illegally.

# Account Import

With MANENT you can manage multiple accounts, so you can import multiple accounts.

  • Touch the icon Menu> Accounts
  • Touch the "+" icon (upper right corner of the screen).

Select your preferred import method from those listed below:


Browse the folders of your device, select the .SID file to import and confirm with ** OK **. Now you can manage the imported account.


Bring a SCRYPTA CARD closer to your device so that it can read its information through the NFC sensor.

To read the SCRYPTA CARD (hardware NFC card) it is necessary to enable Near Field Communication on the mobile device.


This function enables the camera of your device so that you can frame and scan the QR Code "ENCRYPTED WALLET" present on your PAPER WALLET.

The ** PAPER WALLET EXPOSES YOUR PRIVATE KEY ** in the form of QR CODE. Make sure to keep it in a safe place!

# Select an account

  • Click on the Menu icon (top right corner)> Accounts
  • Select now the account you prefer

    You will now be redirected to the Dashboard.

# Receive LYRA

You can receive LYRA coins on your LYRA Address. You can easily copy your receiving address or create a QR Code which also contains the amount of the amount of LYRA to be received.

It is also possible to take a screenshot, directly from your device, of the QR code containing the payment request and share it to whoever you want.

# Upload of files and documents

  • Touch the VAULT icon (bottom of the screen)> UPLOAD NEW FILE or touch the "+" symbol icon (top right corner).
  • Use the slide to choose between encrypted ** Encrypted) or public (Public data) **.

# Upload:

  • Enter a title (Title)
  • Choose an encryption password - only if you want to encrypt data
  • Select the File from your device
  • Enter a text (Text)
  • Enter the Wallet Password (your account password)
  • Tap on UPLOAD

Make sure you remember the Encryption password. If you lose it, you will not be able to access the newly uploaded data again.

Do not upload illegal or copyright infringing files. Only you are responsible for the uploaded files and data.

# Check the imported documents

  • Touch the VAULT icon (lower part of the screen)
  • You can now see a summary card for each uploaded document
  • Choose the document to be consulted by touching the relevant tab
  • The details of the document will be shown.
  • Tap the SHARE PROOF OF EXISTENCE button and you will be redirected toScrypta Proof to know the in-depth details of your document.

Clicking INVALIDATE it is possible to invalidate the data, this means that it will no longer be possible to access this data from your VAULT screen and that any associated file, retained by IdANodes, will be deleted. In this case the digital signature, the time stamp with hashing and the relative proof of the author remain indelible thanks to the technology of the distributed register of Scrypta.

# Settings

  • You can choose your preferred currency ** (Preferred Currency) ** to simplify the calculation in functions such as SEND and RECEIVE LYRA.
  • You can choose the theme between Light and Dark modes.

# Scrypta Card

Scrypta Card is your pocket wallet with associated LYRA Adress for use with the Manent App.


Your digital identity and the respective balances can be connected to the Scrypta Card. A powerful and reliable tool that can be used to create secure backups of your wallet, for the daily management of your Lyra funds, the management of digital identities and the information in them. contained, or as a payment system within sidechains or physical POS.

It is possible to obtain the Scrypta Card through the Scrypta Consortium Shop

# How to buy Scrypta Card

Here is a video tutorial that illustrates how to buy the Scrypta Card using LYRA as a payment method:

Other payment methods can also be used: Paypal, debit card or bank transfer.

# How to use Scrypta Card

Here is a video tutorial that illustrates how to synchronize the card with Manent app and how to use it:

# Support

# Contacting Manent Support

Manent app is developed by the Scrypta Task Force and approved byScrypta Foundation.

If you need help, you can contact Scrypta support through its official channels:

# Video Tutorial

A Wallet to store your data on Blockchain! - Scrypta Manent by Tiziano Tridico (in italian)