# Manent Web

# Overview

# Scrypta Manent Web wallet

Scrypta Manent Web is the online version of Manent App.


Accessible via browser from web.manent.app, allows you to perform all the main operations like the mobile version:

  • Sending reception and transfer of funds (both LYRA and Planum tokens)
  • Archiving files and documents (with and without encryption)
  • Consult portfolio changes with price charts
  • Consult the balance of your Planum tokens (if any).

# Wallet creation and login

If you don't have a wallet yet, you can create one quickly and easily by entering an encryption password of your choice, which will be kept and remembered for future access. manent_web

In case you have already created a portfolio or are already using Manent App, you can access the Manent Web portfolio in several ways:

  • By selecting a .sid file generated by Manent App or via ScryptaID.
  • Using the ScryptaID extension directly through your web browser. manent_web

Important: make a backup and remember that you are ** ONLY ** responsible for this associated .sid file and password. Keep it safe.

Losing the file and / or password will make it impossible for anyone to access the wallet and the funds / data contained in it!

# Graphic interface

# Functions

Once access to Manent Web is complete, the dashboard is presented, with all the information from our digital portfolio. manent_web

The main window is reserved for the ** LYRA ** price trend graph. In the upper part we have the menu to access all the main functions and the balance of the specific address connected to the .sid file with which the access was made.
On the right side we find the links to make a backup of the portfolio and to send / receive funds.


The main menu part gives access to all the main functions of the wallet and is presented with the following items: manent_web

  • Dashboard: Main page where you are at the access to the portfolio
  • Data explorer: Explorer to search for information on addresses and transactions.
  • Sign: Tool for signing and verifying a message on the Scrypta blockchain.
  • Vault: Tool for uploading documents and files on the Scrypta blockchain.


Token: Section where you can consult the balance of the tokens created or received and send the tokens to other addresses.

# Additional functions

# Backup and synchronization

Through this link located on the upper right side of the dashboard, you can access the different options available for backing up your digital wallet.


After downloading the .pdf PAPER WALLET file, it is suggested to print it and put the print in a safe place.
Next, remove the .pdf file from your device.


The PAPER WALLET exposes YOUR private key in the form of a QR code.
The private key represents your digital identity, the information it contains must be carefully kept.
ALWAYS prevent access to such data to strangers, who could access the funds it contains or use your digital identity for any purpose.