# News

# Premise

The world of information nowadays creates and publishes an immense mass of digital content on the web in the form of articles, images or videos. The concept of trust towards the source of information therefore becomes of fundamental importance.

Furthermore, the use of social media such as Facebook, Instagram and other digital platforms has brought to light the problem of the diffusion of clearly false information. And with the advent of artificial intelligence, digital animations and social engineering, the border between manipulated and authentic content is very blurred. We are increasingly hearing about "fake news" and "deepfake" that go viral.

Often people fall into the trap of false news because they do not have effective tools to quickly and accurately check the source and therefore the authenticity of the information.

Blockchain can be the solution to the traceability of content and sources. With the public and "open" nature, the blockchain allows information to be produced and distributed on the Internet in a transparent, immutable and secure way.

This thanks to its distributed and decentralized register functions, which with its time stamp and digital signature functions, becomes an exceptional tool for creating lines of trust between the information creator and the user.

# Introduction

# Scrypta News - Proof of Concept

Il modulo ideato da Scrypta, che in modo semplice può dialogare con piattaforme dedicate, permette agli editori di caricare direttamente su Blockchain Scrypta i propri articoli in modo permanente, apponendo ad essi una firma digitale e una marcatura temporale “timestamp”.

Grazie a questo i fruitori possono facilmente tracciare il contenuto e la sua fonte. Un processo quindi, che determina la certezza della provenienza dell’informazione e la protezione dei contenuti editoriali.

# How does it work

Scrypta News is conceived in combination of Manent and of Scrypta ID, services both available both from browser and mobile.

  • Manent is a decentralized application that allows you to easily interact with the blockchain. Just create an account and backup the sid.file (to be kept in a safe place).

    This step is essential and allows you to protect your electronic signature.

  • Scrypta ID allows the user to identify and verify their own set of addresses (Github, Google, Linkedin, Twitter, E-Mail, Telephone).

For more information, you can consult the ScryptaID guide atthis link.

At this point you can access the form Scrypta News, login with your identity, inserting your sid.file or usingScrypta Browser Extension and proceed with the publication of the article on blockchain.

news feed

news write


It is clear that, for example in the case of an online newspaper that wants to identify its collaborators and their digital operations, given the open nature of the ScryptaID framework, it is possible to create a storage for all identities and connect them, for example, to the corporate email.

The user will then be able to verify the identity of the author of the article, date, place and exact time in which it was produced and then ascertain the authenticity of the origin of the information.

It is therefore possible immediately to test the already working example of the proof of concept created by Scrypta:

Scrypta News Website


After logging in, readers can vote through the UPVOTE, DOWNVOTE functions and send donations in LYRA with TIP USER.


# Guide on uploading articles in blockchain

Once logged in, which can be done through the Extension Browser or .sid file, you can insert your article by clicking on the "+" symbol at the bottom right.


A section will appear in which to enter the initial details of the article:

  • title,
  • subtitle,
  • cover image,
  • tags.


At this point we proceed to compile the body of the text with a usual graphical interface from text editor.


Once finished just click on "Write on the blockchain" and enter your password.

Finally, the outcome of the operation will be confirmed.


Now the article is indelibly written in blockchain! And it will soon appear in the articles section of Scrypta News.

As can be seen from the example, a time stamp (timestamp) and digital signature (linked to the author's address) are imprinted:


# Editing

Thanks to the Scrypta's Progressive Data Management technology, the author is allowed, and exclusively to him, to edit the article. The edited version will be the version displayed as "current version"; previous versions continue to exist only within the Scrypta blockchain.

If you want to edit an article, go to the section of your articles by clicking on the relative icon (next to logout). Then click the "pencil" symbol relating to the article to be edited. Make your changes and click on Write on the blockchain.

# Video Tutorial

The Blockchain against Fake News - Scryptachain by Tiziano Tridico